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Following the start of the great recession in the fall of 2008, business owners across the nation suddenly had to identify areas for cost reduction. This process inevitably included deep cuts to many valued programs and the loss of experienced team members.

Now that the economy is showing slow but steady growth, many companies are in need of experienced assistance to return to their pre-recession profitability and growth.

Bob Jones Business Solutions (JBS) offers the experience, resources and network connections to help your company design and execute a well-planned growth strategy. Among the business consulting solutions that JBS has to offer are the following:


  • Access to Capital/Financial Analysis
  • Cash Flow Relief Options
  • Employee Attraction / Retention and Productivity Solutions
  • Planning Assistance - Business, Strategic and Succession
  • Sales and Marketing Resources


We also offer our time, the most precious commodity in this new business environment. JBS has extensive experience in a wide range of industries and access to a number of proven partners who can save your company both time and money while providing the impetus for sustained growth.

In just the past 8 years, Bob Jones has assisted in the launch of over 100 companies while helping to establish sustainable growth in countless others. In this same period he has facilitated over 60 business loans and grants, creating over $20 million in capital formation and literally hundreds of jobs.

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  • Access to Capital
  • Business, Strategic and Succession Planning
  • Market Diversification/Export Assistance
  • Grant Writing
  • Sales and Marketing
  • HR Solutions
  • Marketing Communications
  • Telecom and IT Consulting
  • Training and Workforce Development
  • Website Design and Optimization

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"The passion Bob has for business is contagious and energizing. We love working with him because once he puts a plan in motion, you never have to worry about him following through. We trust Bob with our clients and their future. Whether it be strategy or cash flow, it’s refreshing to have someone like him on the team focusing on the reality of the situation with unbridled honesty."

Peter S. Colovos - Principal
Prairie Real Estate Group, LLC
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